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6 reasons to travel to Maldives

6 reasons to travel to Maldives

Discover what's waking up in paradise

The surface of the Republic of Maldives covers a distance of 820 kilometers from north to south and 120 kilometers from east to west. There are almost 2,000 islands, of which only 202 are inhabited and 87 are islands dedicated to holiday tourism. In the Maldives, each island is operated by a single hotel, or rather, resort.

Only 1% of the country's total area (90,000 square kilometers) is located above sea level, with an average altitude of 2 meters.

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A trip to Maldives

A trip to Maldives

1. The perfect destination for lovers of the seas

The islands of the Maldives are surrounded by the most crystalline and clear waters on the planet, which makes it an excellent place for diving. Among the activities offered by hotels, water activities such as snorkeling or diving are the most popular in this tropical paradise. An underwater world full of life recognized worldwide as the best diving destination. Access to private uninhabited islands, where you can swim with hammerhead sharks or manta rays is one of the most recommended activities in the Maldives.

2. A private corner in your private paradise

In Maldives you will find hotels that offer you maximum privacy. Many of the resorts are located on their own island completely isolated from one another, and the rooms are spacious enough to leave guests undisturbed.

3. Waking up with your eyes on an infinite turquoise blue horizon

Each Maldives hotel is located on a pristine island surrounded by a crystal lagoon. These white-sand beach islands are flanked by coconut palms that create a gentle breeze and a haven of shade. The rooms conceived and designed to provide a relaxing sleep and nestled in a place (beach or water) that offers an impressive view from the moment you wake up.

4. Feel the sand of Maldives in your fingers

A soft, silvery ring surrounds the small islands of the Maldives. The sand will surround you almost all the time. In the sand you can lie down, and surely you will want to have a cocktail and watch the sunset. There are some hotels that have a barefoot policy, where guests are not allowed to wear shoes for the most authentic experience of a Robinson Crusoe-style tropical vacation.

5. The perfection of sunsets is here, in the Maldives

A special corner where the sun sets, taking advantage of every second to change the tone of the sky. In Maldives you can enjoy the most impressive sunsets you have ever seen. Whether on a cruise ship, in the comfort of a luxurious villa, sitting on a deckchair sipping an exotic cocktail or walking along the beach, you will be able to witness the best sunsets in the world.

6. Take a vacation and let yourself be pampered

The treatment and hospitality of the Maldives resorts make you feel like the queen or the king of paradise. The service is first class in most of its accommodations, so Maldives above all turns out to be the perfect destination to be pampered, and to enjoy those whims and luxuries that you surely deserve.

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